FOX NOW: On Demand & Live TV App Reviews

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Its great I just want to know if linking your tv provider is really 100% free to unlock episodes or do they charge?


This app is so easy and fun. It works a lot better than other apps I have tried. I love watching the Simpsons and other great TV shows on it!

No problems

I have never had a problem with the app. I really like the rewind 15 seconds button. There is a weird thing where after a commercial, the show resumes after showing the last 2-3 seconds before going to commercial.

So far so good

I actually stared to use this feature so maybe its too soon to give it such a good rating. However as far as Ive used it, its been great!

Overall good app

Its a good app overall, but it is exasperating when you get to the last 10-15 minutes and it keeps freezing. I eventually have to leave and come back in. When I return it makes me watch 2 1/2 minutes of commercials even though it froze after a 2 1/2 minute commercial break.


Its Aiight

Wont play live tv

Why wont this app play live tv ????????

Great app

This is a great app.

Need Lower Commercial Resolution Option

Commercials buffer like crazy because they dont downsize to utilize a lower bandwidth, but the FOX programs accommodate. So I have to spend twice as long watching commercials in HD/UHD. I exclusively watch over Chromecast so you might not have this issue on a faster device (my ISP is 300Mb/sec BTW). Fox should work with its advertisers to provide a smoother streaming experience. Other than that, great app!!! 4 Stars!

Used to be good

Really not liking all the ads! Theres more ads than content here, needs more substance please

App review

Great app. The streaming is excellent and there is almost no buffering. I can watch a show without breaks.

Great app

This is a well laid out app thats easy to use and has excellent video quality!

Fox now

Works very good,with good internet speeds,very good crisp,clean,snappy app.

This app is really nice

I can watch my shows one the go boy! I remember I used to complain about not being able to see me shows cause I was out.... not anymore ! I sign in with my fios account and I can watch episodes I missed or live tv anywhere... its super cool, especially cause the food app itself doesnt show I every channel unless ur on fios wifi

Great app

Love it for watching new girl

Not at all

I dont like it at first I did but NOW nooo way

Great app!!

I have enjoyed the app with no issues!! So convenient to have my shows at my fingertips.


Never miss an episode thanks to this app Great job



So many commercials.

App works ok. But lately they upped commercials. Watch for 5 minutes then its about 2.5 minutes of commercials and 2 minutes of shows until the end. And the size of the commercials are much larger and slower than the show.

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